MetLife – Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Review Financial Ratings & Stocks Sliding?

MetLife РMetropolitan Life Insurance Company Review  Financial Ratings & Stocks Sliding

Over 140 years ago, with the use of debit agents, National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company were started, then renamed National Travelers Insurance Co. Shortly later in 1868 it was reorganized as Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Before the 1960’s started, there was intense competition with Prudential Life Insurance Co to compete for life insurance agents and brag not only about the size of the agency force, but also the amount of assets belonging to the two jumbo life insurance writers. Picking up General Motors as a client and pushing group benefits kept Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in a top position.

Reviewing agent stability shows that the 1970’s reflected horrible retention due to agent selection, larger policies pushed, overly restrictive underwriting, and an abundance of managers. The 1980’s showed significant company growth that was handcuffed temporarily in the early 1990’s due to a widespread review of deceptive sales practices. Already owning Texas Life Insurance Company and merging with New England Mutual Life, it then bought out Charter Security Life Insurance Companies and sold off some unprofitable units.

By the mid 1990’s many of the top insurance financial ratings, companies considered MetLife to be an extremely sound financial carrier. MetLife is actually a separated insurance company from Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. In 49 states it is officially MetLife Investors USA Insurance Company based in Irvine, California. In the state of New York it is known as First MetLife Investors Insurance Company. Since the 1980’s, Snoopy and other famous Peanuts characters provide an identity image for them. In addition, MetLife Investors has represented a majority of the companies business provided by independent brokers.

My review of the MetLife and Metropolitan websites would get an A to A+ rating, something I rarely give. The reasoning behind this was the extremely professional design layout of the website with extreme ease for finding information. Many large insurers compete with their own agents to sell insurance direct to the client. The MetLife website allowed inquiries about life, disability, long-term-care, auto, home, boat, and excess liability coverage whereby a representative would contact the internet searcher. The separate sections for brokers and agents were also nicely laid out.

The only downside of my review would be regarding financial ratings and stock prices. It is estimated that nearly a billion dollars of financial exposure is to AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman, and Washington Mutual alone. Although stock prices at MetLife showed sliding stock price fluctuations, there are still strong financial assets and decent operating revenues.

Personally, I do not right now see a repeat of the AIG fiasco, MetLife has the management and backing to look like they can pull through with some share selling. However, my company review currently recommends keeping the traffic light on caution.

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