how to get followers on Instagram fast – Get daily 20k followers free

When a newbie start an Instagram account they actually all-time search this “how to get followers on Instagram fast” so I decided to write a detailed post to show you all how to grow your new Instagram account without purchasing ig followers there I divide all think into steps you can understand it easily so let’s get started.


1.  Write Posts on daily basses

So this is the first and biggest fact people are do Instagram 3 to 5 days and leave it but if you want the real followers so you need to get consistency on Instagram you need to posts on daily basses because you can see all the biggest Instagram celebrities are posts on daily bases to get thair fans engaged so you can try this strategy this is one of the best ways to get Instagram followers for free in a short time so in easy words write posts on daily basis and engaged your audience to get more Instagram followers on daily basses and grow your new Instagram account organically.

2. Like and Comment on other posts

here is the second step to get more Instagram followers in short time so some peoples are made there Instagram account and posts on daily basses but no spend time on it all you now all the works and thinks are take time to become good so you need to give some time to Instagram to get followers some peoples are just following these peoples who like and comment on all posts like if you like their posts they will like and comment on your posts so this is the one more facts to get Instagram followers on short time you can also try this step to grow your Instagram account this is the best and actually I use this for my Instagram account.

3. Follow big Instagram accounts

Some peoples just follow the big companies and celebrities to grow their account and this is work now I tell you how this work how peoples grow there Instagram accounts so all you know all peoples have their ideal personality and favorite person and they follow him in all social meid account like Facebook Instagram twitter and all over and there they find same peoples which are already like and love their ideal personality so their friendship is good and they easily follow each other so this is the best strategy you can try this because all the peoples love those peoples who like their profession and like there ideal personality.

4. Try to do live sessions

Some Instagram users are love to watch live videos and other types of videos they just use Instagram to watch videos because some Instagram users are post videos on daily basis there are some different types of videos you can posts which I will explain to you here.

What type of videos upload on Instagram

there are so many types but I will tell you some topics which are all-time trending tops
  • Post funny videos
  • Post romantic videos
  • Post-tech-related videos
  • Post gaming videos
  • Post-Q&A Videos
  • Post short status

5. Post stories on Instagram

Many Instagram users are just posts like and comment and don’t concentrate on stories and here I will tell you Instagram stories play an important role to grow an Instagram account so let’s see most of the peoples are just see stories because they are interested in others life and love to see what are others peoples doing so the Instagram stories are they one of the best and smart way to get follower on Instagram fast.

6. Do Collaboration with other Instagram users

Most of the peoples are love to meet their favorite personalities and also love to watch other peoples to meeting with their favorite personalities and I share if you do they collaborate with others which are engaged peoples to follow you thair are some types of collaboration I will tell you here.
  1. Do interview with big celebrities
  2. Do collab with same followers peoples
  3. Do comedy in collaboration

How to send a proposal for collaboration

Some peoples are don’t know how can they send proposals and agreed these peoples do a collaboration with him and they stop thinking about collab and I will tell you collab is one of the best ways to get followers on Instagram fast. so how can you send the proposal to other peoples, first of all, find an person which are belong to your categories and they are working same as you them follow him and start conversation talk with him 3 to 5 days and then talk with him about followers and say him we all get high Instagram followers if we collab with each other so I hope he/she was 100% agreed because all Instagram users want more followers if he/she agrees then start a live video session to collab on session are do on their Instagram profile and one on your this is the best ways to collab.

over summery

So he I will tell you what I will try to explain you in this article hope you read over article and like it but here I will tell you in short form so here I will try you can grow your Instagram account by following this steps one is posted on daily basses and like comment on others posts try to become one line on daily and maximum time to get followers and posts videos which category you can check it and tr4i to posts your daily stories and share them and also the main past is try to collab with others.

Last words

So the last words hope you like my efforts and if you really enjoy this article so share it with your friends and help them to grow their Instagram account.

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