How  to become a WordPress  developer

How to become a WordPress developer

Nowadays web development is easy because of WordPress Wix and many more CMS  but some people are don’t know how to create and design any website on WordPress so I am here to explain to you how can you develop a complete website on WordPress.

Requirements for WordPress website

For hosting and domain you can check my  article which I write hosting guide you can get it here … after purchasing hosting and the domain you have to install WordPress o your domain so for that open your Cpanel First, open your domain is secure or not  it’s secure then ok if it’s showing not secure then search on Cpanel SSL you will get an option SSL/status open select a;; domain and click on run auto SSL it takes some time after installation check your domain again and now it will show you secure now come back to Cpanel and search for WordPress you will see the WordPress icon click on that you will get WordPress installation wizard first of all select the latest version of WordPress now is 5.5.1 after that select domain if you are using multiple domains then scroll down enter a site name and tag line then create login details then goto bottom and click on install it will take just 1 minute and WordPress will be install on your domain.

What after installation WordPress After installing WordPress on your domain first of call open your WordPress dashboard for this enter ( /wp-admin) after your domain and will be redirected to WordPress login page enter your login details which you created on installation of WordPress after login you will see WordPress the dashboard now you can create a WordPress website easily by installing themes and plugin for video tutorials how to make WordPress website   see my YouTube channel their I have made too many tutorial WordPress website developments.

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