how android apps make money

how android apps make money most of the peoples are just searching this and they want to know how android apps make money and they actually want to know how android apps developers make money because of every single android users have many apps on his/her phone and they use them for daily basses.


How android apps make money

so here I gonna tell you some secrets of android apps and explain to you all think how actually android apps make money and an android app developer and apps owners make money online so 70% of androids apps have ads and these ads are the source of their developers and owners earning there are most of the ad networks which provide ads to show on android apps and these ads are the source of the owners of the app.

How do app developers make money?

now the question is how android developers make money so thair are three types of android developers on type is they just make apps and sell them in the online store and make their own sites to sell their apps and the second type off android developers is they make app on order actually they work like a freelancer they take an order of app development and deliver and get their money so this is the second types of developers so lets I gonna tell you the third type of android developers this is the easiest and main source of an android developer which are every new and old android apps developers use to make money with android apps they make their 0own apps and publish them 0n google play store to make money and put google AdSense, Facebook audience network and any other ad networks adds on their app to make money by their android apps.



How much money do apps make per download? 

most of the peoples are confused in this they say google play store pay them on par download but the reality is google play store not any payment to any download you can just earn from your apps and there are so many ways to monetize your android apps.


how android apps make money



How much does it cost to build an app?

How much does it cost to build an app? most of the peoples are confused on this so I gonna tell you in simple words it depends on you and your idea and developer if you have me big app idea then it will cost high and if you have a small app idea so it will cost you low so its totally depends on you and your developer because the developer is the second person which tells you about your idea and budget.

Can I build my own app?

App building is not easy on android studio but you can build your own app by online apps makers it’s easy and best fro a beginner here is some online app developers list you can check it.
this is the best online app development sites I personally use them one time and my experience is good with this app development site.

How can I upload my app on the Play store and earn money?

how can you publish your app on google play store to make money online you need a google play console account to publish your app to google play store which is cost you 25$ this is just fro one time and you can publish unlimited apps on this account.

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