5 best thumbnail maker sites for youtube videos

If you are findng best free youtube thumbnail maker so your search is over here I well provide you top 5 best free youtubr thumbnail maker you can  make thumbnail so easly without installing any pc software.
5 best  thumbnail maker sites  for youtube videos

Why youtube thumbnail is important

Now a days youtube is the 2nd largesy search engine so there have manay creaters they make videos to upload it o youtube but some peoples are getting huge views but some peoples are don’t have any views so youtube thumbnail is one of the best way to increase youtube views because first impression is the last impression so the viewrs is first see your thumbnail not your video if your thumbnail is attractive or simple then user watch your video if you don’t  have uploaded any thumbnail on your video you can’t get any views I say it first.

Top two ways to create youtube thumbnails

Here is the two ways to  create attractive thumbnails for your videos one is download any thumbnail maker software and install it on your computer and make thumbnail but It will take so much time and it is very diffecut because the software is two diffecult to use for a newbie and 2nd one is goto the online thumbnail maker sites and create a thumbnail it is very easy if you are a newbie and don’t have any knowledge how can you create a beautiful thumbnail so this sites are providing you ready made thumbnails you can easly make thumbnail for your youtube videos so lets get start the countdown.


Canva is one of the best tool  to create the beautifull thumnails you can make any tink with canve its have two planes free plane or apro plane the pro plae gives you more and more featured but ree planes give you some featured but you an use free plane for youtubr tumbnails making because it is very easy.

What you can make with canva

1.       Youtube thumbnails
2.       Flayrs
3.       Banners
4.       Logos
5.       Resumes
6.       Facebook banner
7.       Facebook page cover
8.       Twitter cover photo
9.       Instagram cover photo


Fotojet is one of the best popular thumbnails maker this is completely free fotojet is don’t have any free or pro plan it is completely free you can use it to make thumbnails for your youtube videos it is very simple to use you can make a beautifull thumbnail without any tutorial and   info yiu can make  custom size thumbnail and banners for your facebook page and other social media profiles.

What you can make with fotojet

  • 1.       Youtube thumbnails
  • 2.       Flayrs
  • 3.       Banners
  • 4.       Logos
  • 5.       Resumes
  • 6.       Facebook banner
  • 7       .Facebook page cover
  • 8.      Twitter cover photo
  • 9..     Instagram cover photo


Snappa is moea a free tool to make thumbnails like a pro youtuber snappa is the free tool like fotojet it is responsive so you can use it on your computer/laptop for your smart phone it have also ready make templates you can use that  templates to make an bautifukk thumbnail f you have a simple skill to make thumbnail you can make it by yourself.


Fotor is best option for a beninner to edit and make a professional thumbnail for your youtube videos fotor is the online web ste it is not a software or an app you can use it on your computer/laptop and your smart phone you don’t need any heavy system requirements to use it because it is a responsive site not an app and a software.


Photopea is the best option for a beginner to edit his/her video thumbnails and make beautifull thumbnails for you youtube videos if you are a newbie and searhing for  a easyeast site to make thumbnails photopea is the website like photosop it is an online version of photosop if you use photosp use can ealy understand the photopea and use it easly if you use photopea you don’t need to install adobe photosjop on your computer it provide you all the features like photoshop.

Last words

Hey hope you read over article and hope you like it I tri my best to provide you best online sites make a beautifull thumbnails for your youtubr videos.   

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